The new alternative in Raise Boring


Epiroc Robbins 123, TRB Rhino 1298, Rhino 2000

For our shaft drilling projects, we utilize a Epiroc Robbins 123, two Rhino 2000 and a  TRB Rhino 1298 DC.

Both Robbins 123 and Rhino 2000 has the latest technology in Raiseboring. They are equipped with a completely new software that records the entire drilling and evacuation process.

Our machines are modern and versatile with a lot of power in a mid-sized frame. The ideal working range is for diameters from 2,4 to 4,5 meters but Raise boring of up to 6,0 m diameter and 1000m lenght are possible with the Robbins 123 machine.


Facts TRB Rhino 1298 DC:

Raise diameter: 311mm – 4100mm
Thrust Capacity: 4000 knm
Torque: max 300 knm
Power Demand: 500 kva (400v 760ah)
Rotation speed: 0-40 rpm pilot 0 – rpm reaming
Weight: 22 000 kg with crawler
Weight: 18 000 kg without crawler
Height: 5450 mm
Base beam height: 350 mm to be added to m height