The new alternative in Raise Boring


Mikael LKAB

Client Report: LKAB

Project: Block 19

Client: LKAB
Location: Kiruna, Sweden

Block 19 was an important project for our client, as it formed part of the mine’s ore production plan. The project included four shafts that were approximately 50 metres long and 2.4 metres in diameter. The project was completed on schedule and was carried out with a very high level of safety.

Mikael Hjortborg, Project Manager at LKAB comments:

– Block 19 was a complex mission where we had to create an entrance hole to break through double levels simultaneously. The shafts were drilled from level 935 all the way down to level 993 and thus past level 964 due to the rock instability there. Since the intermediate level was inaccessible, the project could not have been accomplished using a more commonly used construction method. Instead the shafts had to be drilled using the raise boring method.

Orefields was a relatively new company at the start of the project but since LKAB is happy to work with local businesses it was natural for them to give Orefields a chance at performing this task.

LKAB places very high demands on safety and according to Mikael Hjortborg Orefields performed the task professionally, with safety at the forefront and an orderly workplace.

– Orefields’ approach to safety and orderliness was exemplary and our communication with Håkan and Anders has been great. They have displayed a high understanding of complex issues and an ability to offer swift solutions, says Mikael Hjortberg at LKAB.